CF Tag and Script Equivalents

ColdFusion 11 is supposed to have added the ability to use script in place of every tag.  This could be in the form of an equivalent function.  I have compiled a list of the 155 active tags in CF 11 and will place the associate script equivalent when I find it.  So far, 36 of the tags are presentation related and most can and should be replaced html5, css, and JavaScript.  The ColdFusion UI the Right Way Git repository provides examples for most of these.  Special thanks to Steve Blades for taking the time to update some of the official documentation with script equivalents. If I have an example, the tag will be linked, but if I find an example elsewhere, the script equivalent will be linked.

It turns out as I was researching the additional updates, it appears Adobe did something unexpected in ColdFusion 11.  If I read the cfscript entry correctly, any tag, except those listed, can be used within cfscript.  In some very rudimentary testing:

works just like <cferror> or

works just like <cfdocument>.  Likewise, you can use abort or cfabort and they work the same.  This sort of makes the list below obsolete, but I will continue to pursue examples.


ColdFusion 11 Bug – cfdocument

It is interesting the things that people use, but do not test during the beta/pre-release  cycle.  A user(dajester2014) reported a bug with cfdocument ( ) and now that the site is on CF11/Windows 2012, I  was able to test in a poduction environment. The original complaint is “Attempts to load a template with URL parameters limits output to…


ColdFusion 11 Lockdown Guide

ColdFusion administrators should already be well acquainted with the lockdown guides for the previous versions of ColdFusion, but the new one, for CF11, is now available at  Alternatively, you can download it from here   If you have never heard of the lockdown guide and you use ColdFusion in production, please become familiar with it…