My Opinion on the Future of CF

Since starting the CF Notification twitter feed, I have begun to pay attention to the bugs that are being reported and it has led me to one conclusion: there needs to be a change of direction for ColdFusion. So much effort is wasted fixing bugs to maintain backwards compatibility and UI features that are so outdated.…


New Project Skeleton

I am in the process of a complete revamp of the CF Notifications area of the website and thought I would share my basic layout for a website project.  I have done this before, but as I evolved, so has my approach.  I am still not a fan of the popular frameworks, but it is…


Determining Directory Size – Updated

Today, I decided that we needed to have visibility of some customer related data and, in particular, the amount of space they are using. After spending about a half hour thinking about it, it became fairly obvious how to do this and then another couple of hours testing a variety of ideas. This is what I have come up with and thought I would share.


ColdFusion Bug States

If you take a look at the ColdFusion Bug Report you will see the following “States”: Deferred Fixed Needs Review Never Fix To Defer To Fix To Test To Track Unverified Withdrawn The states can either have a status of open or closed. Like most large organizations, metrics that can be easily used to show…


CFScript Documentation

Adam Cameron, in a parting shot, has put together a wonder compendium for using cfscript.  He has been a long-time proponent of not using cf tags where it makes sense and this is a wonderful resource for those just delving into script-based CF (I resemble that remark).  The documentation can be found on GitHub