ColdFusion Bug States

If you take a look at the ColdFusion Bug Report you will see the following “States”: Deferred Fixed Needs Review Never Fix To Defer To Fix To Test To Track Unverified Withdrawn The states can either have a status of open or closed. Like most large organizations, metrics that can be easily used to show…


CFScript Documentation

Adam Cameron, in a parting shot, has put together a wonder compendium for using cfscript.  He has been a long-time proponent of not using cf tags where it makes sense and this is a wonderful resource for those just delving into script-based CF (I resemble that remark).  The documentation can be found on GitHub

ColdFusion Builder 3 Updates

I am not sure why, but updates to ColdFusion Builder 3 happen with little or no fanfare, much less a read me that explains what is being updated or fixed.  Fortunately the ColdFusion blog has posted some information. Mandatory Update (June 10, 2014) There is a mandatory update released for ColdFusion Builder 3 that resolves the…


CF Tag and Script Equivalents

ColdFusion 11 is supposed to have added the ability to use script in place of every tag.  This could be in the form of an equivalent function.  I have compiled a list of the 155 active tags in CF 11 and will place the associate script equivalent when I find it.  So far, 36 of the tags are presentation related and most can and should be replaced html5, css, and JavaScript.  The ColdFusion UI the Right Way Git repository provides examples for most of these.  Special thanks to Steve Blades for taking the time to update some of the official documentation with script equivalents. If I have an example, the tag will be linked, but if I find an example elsewhere, the script equivalent will be linked.